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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mystery fruit, Chao Phraya river, tuktuk and pink taxis

Just returned from a trip to Bangkok with heaps of culture and people experience besides the work experience (which was the main reason for the trip). I made use of the opportunity to try as much Thai food I could - hot but delicious. I particularly liked this fruit (the two creamish white cubes with black seeds in the second photo) which I ate for the first time and do not think I got its name right and it will remain a mystery fruit...such a pity! And dessert...just yummy!

The highlight of the trip was 'boat ride' through Chao Phraya river to visit the Grand Palace. The young guide was excellent as he gave the commentary while the boat waded its way along the river. I was busy comparing the structures along the river and could not help thinking of the disparity that exists in nearly all the developing countries. On one hand you have these grand structures and on the other hand these "less than basic" or rather "falling apart" skeleton structures!

We had very interesting experience twice during the taxi ride when the taxi driver struck a deal with us to "visit the gem store" so that he could get free petrol for the taxi/ tuktuk - although I cannot complain because I did manage to buy some nice Thai silk that I had planned ever since my trip was scheduled! Talking of taxi/ tuktuk, tuktuk was my favourite transportation mode and I fell for the "Pink" taxi, I must admit I had never seen a "pink taxi" before!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting back to the swing of the things...

Its strange how we take small things for granted and I realise it now while recovering with the broken ulna in the left hand.

Being able to open the door with left hand, being able wash my face with both hands, type with both hands (though I cannot complain - I have now perfected the art of typing with one hand alone too)...finally driving too once again! It feels like a child beginning to learn to talk, walk...

The best part was being able to go back to my fitness regime! My Doctor who happens to go to the same gym as me realised that I will work on my hand without the need for physiotherapy - infact he commented that Physio is for those who are lazy (So I am Not) and gave a nod to go back to gym and take things slowly and steadily! I had slowly started stretching, bending and basically doing light exercises ever since one week after the cast removal. But this wednesday, 11th April I decided it was now time to start with my gym sessions. Being a fitness freak, I have always exercised and last 2-3 months were spent with no excercise at all so there was a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. I can go on the elliptical/ treadmill/ stepper for 2 hours but I usually do one hour followed by weights and stretches! However, as I went back to the my old exercise regime on wednesday, I felt as if the gym was dominating me - I had this slight inhibition in me - very very strange! But after finishing my one hour session, it felt good. Its been three days of going to gym regularly once again and feels good to be back to normal. Feels great to be finally getting back to the swing of things...